• The development of language skills in elementary-age children, including speaking, thinking, listening, reading and writing, drama, and children's literature. Philosophy, curriculum, media, and research-based strategies used in teaching reading and language arts. Practicum required. Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Certification Program.
  • This set of ten modules gives you a sense of what Moodle icons are used for.
  • This course requires an enrolment key

    This course is a study of human diversity and its impact on the educational process, with emphasis on instructional and management strategies that respect and value cultural, ethnic, and language differences. Prerequisites: Admission to Teacher Certification Program; EDUC 365 or six hours of elementary methods courses or permission of instructor.

  • An advanced approach to technology in the clasroom. This course includes the use of networks and the world wide web to communicate with students and parents, the development and application of multimedia for instructional purposes, and the understanding and use of varying technologies to optimize students' learning.